Fresh and frozen food for your freezer.

We will prepare delicious and nutricious foods for you to enjoy at your convenience. Order from the menu below or ask for your favourite dish and we will cook it for you.

Sample Menu

Meat or vegetarian lasagne, Meatballs in tomato sauce,
Cous cous with roasted vegetables/chicken,
Penne al pomodoro/chicken,
Fresh fillet of salmon with whiskey.

Vegetarian soup of the day,Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms,
Brown rice risotto with broccoli, Courgettes,fresh ginger and soya sauce, Conchiglioni with spinach & ricotta cheese.

Tiramisú, Lemon tart, Fresh fruit salad,
Chocolate and banana cakes, Apples & pears stewed with honey.

For healthier eating we poach, roast, boil, grill or steam 99% of our foods

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