The Bald Chef Gourmet

Choose from a selection of homemade sauces, paté, pestos, jams and delicious chocolate truffles. Made with the finest fresh ingredients, without additives or preservatives.

Sample list

  • Aubergine/mushroom paté, tomato and basil/mushroom/aubergine pasta sauce,
  • sicilian caponata, sicilian peperonata, extremely hot/medium curry sauce,
  • vegetarian/meat bolognese pasta sauce,mixed herbs, green/red pesto,
  • champagne, baileys, cognac, rum and raisin, grand marnier, tiramisú, delicious chocolate truffles,
  • dolcetti di mandorle
  • strawberry/pear/peach jam.

Mail Order

We offer a mail order service for most of our products please call Nino on: 07836 264 514 for more information.

Baileys & Champagne Truffles

Baileys & Champagne Truffles by Nino The Bald Chef

Fresh sauces, pates, pestos and jams

Fresh sauces, patés, pestos and jams by Nino The Bald Chef

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