I hold the most recognized qualifications in IT Security (CISSP) and Project Management (PMP) amongst others and have worked in IT security and project management for over 20 years.

Many of my blog entries are written up as instructions I have prepared for clients, some to remind myself of lessons learned.


There tends to be 2 levels of support that sites require.

The first is drop everything, “I’m under DDoS attack”, “all my content has disappeared”, “I’m only seeing server errors”, “I’m being swamped with spam”, “I can’t post”, “my sites been blacklisted” or “my emails aren’t working”.

Don’t panic, collect everything together that you can, your hosting, cPanel, ftp and administrator and registrar logins, when you noticed the issue, anything that was recently changed.

Quite often “I’m under DDoS attack” actually turns out to be some recently installed plugin that can be disabled in 5 minutes, or some DNS entry made wrong. So try not to assume, just collect the facts. Whatever it is, unless the hosting company themselves have some data corruption, recovery is usually complete and swift (except for blacklistings, as companies like Google work at their own pace).

The second type of support issue is “my sites slow” or “I want to be able to…”

While I do need to make a living, if I can solve your issue by pointing you in the right direction to a simple solution most users can take ownership of themselves, I will, but for larger issues, I can pretty much work on any site or hosting issue, and my rates are low, or I will point you in the direction of someone better suited.

Web development or design

That’s what we call it now, but what I am really doing in the vast majority of cases is understanding the requirements, setting some reasonable expectations, choosing a close to what’s required theme for the design or functional framework “off the shelf” along with a suitable hosting environment for you, then configuring “stuff” so it works and it looks like you want.

I also take care of the search engine optimization, security, connectivity with social media and maybe some training to get you up and running.

I can also migrate you to a new hosting environment or give your site a refresh, maintaining current content.

There are some excellent examples of my work out there, when we talk, I will give you some references from some well known examples.

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