List was one of my pet projects for 12 years, after initially developing it for Premier Model Management in 2003.

imagefolioIt went through 3 versions, with the last being an off the shelf product, a self customisable system that talent agencies could set up instantly, taking monthly credit card payments online. The systems management pages were developed to be as intuitive and fast to use as possible, leveraging modern database and interface design and with no requirements for an agency beyond any browser with internet access. It was easily adapted with multiple portfolio layout and menu options, some variations were made for some clients. At it’s height there were 24 model agencies using it at one time.

If you are interested in reviving the project, please let me know.


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October 8th, 2015

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April 15th, 2015

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February 18th, 2015

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January 25th, 2015

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January 17th, 2015

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December 21st, 2014

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