Useful Links & Tools

My references and walkthroughs

WordPress Fixes
Well Known Ports
Deciphering HTML and URL Code 
Edit Host File
Who’s DNS Name Servers are these?

External tool and links

SSL Tools
Free SSL Certs(better instructions here)
SSL Server Test
Certificate Decoder
Certificate and Key Matcher
OpenSSL CSR (& Private Key) Creator
Setup PGP
Why no PadlockPerformance & Uptime
Pingdom Speed Test
Is It Down Right Now?
Pingdom Up time

Clear Your Cache
Setup PGP
Simple Proxy
Anonymous Searching
Clear your Cache

Network Tools
IP location lookup
DNS Propagation
MS SPF Record Wizard
Clear your local DNS Cache


RBL Test
IP abuse list
Hosts Blacklist
MS SPF Record Wizard

Take a ScreenShot
Site Malware Check
Facebook Debug
Twitter Debug
Mobile Friendly Test
identify fake user agents
Unicode Text Converter
Header Viewer
.htaccess to nginx converter
.htaccess Generator

I am of course an Englishman living in Canada, often working with Americans, here’s a guide to some of the English Idioms I use that may confuse you. And here is a list of misspellings.


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