Hello World!

While I have contributed to a number of blogs, forums and sites over the years, decades even and setup, managed and moderated countless others for clients and friends, I’ve never actually had my own.

I first came to think it would be a good time to commit myself a few months back when I’d started on a “recertification” processPrincess Margaret Bridge Fredericton, as I’d let quite a few of my qualifications lapse over the years. I was spurred on by a friend who noticed how opinionated I was about how badly written the official guide for businesses and organisations to PIPEDA was comparing it to the UK’s DPA and said “write it up”, and while you are at it take a look at the UK’s Bribery Act.

Well that’s not a task I want to take up right now, they’re both sizable documents and PIPEDA should really just be revisited by a copywriter and proof-reader. What is relevant though is that this is a very important document that nearly all businesses of any size in Canada should have an understanding of, and it would make sense that it was written using clear, simple and correct English (I can’t comment on the French). And the Bribery Act, that discussion is more about its broader impact and implications.

Back to the blog in general, I’m not going to be asking my long suffering wife or one of the designers we normally use on clients projects to beautify this WordPress blog, I think I’ll leave it “vanilla” for now.

The friend is right of course, I am opinionated, as he says “You can always tell an Englishman – but you can’t tell him much!”, so here goes…

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