Edward Snowden on 911, Boston and the NSA meta data collection program

Where privacy meets security, two of my favourite subjects, that often collide, both very emotive and contentious.

I think Snowden is wrong here, processing power increases exponentially, a proven fact (Moore’s law) and data mining methods are only in their infancy, that haystack of data shrinks in comparison to technological growth, and because of the technological exponential growth and the fixed rate of data being added.

Google Maps labels NSA data centre a ‘backup service’, but thats another story

I think where we do need a lot more control, is systems to limit potential misuse of data collected in the name of “national security”.
Ignoring the warnings over the Boston Bombing from the Russians though is inexcusable but is really unrelated to the NSA data collection that was being discussed, as we are talking about human error or incompetence on not acting appropriately to information received from another security agency.

Update: CyberWarZone seem to agree with me for different reasons, they have a communication theorist explained that “Snowden provided a disingenuous performance. The communication theorist was surprised of this fact.”

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